Engineering student at ENIB, France.
Freelance web developer, startup co-founder.
Amateur Polaroid photographer.


Computer science

  • Server side development: PHP, MySQL
  • Client side development: Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Web tools: Wordpress, Braintree API, CoinBase API
  • Mobile: Java programming (android), iOS programming (objective-C)
  • System: linux systems setup and maintenance, Apache configuration, HTTPS certificates installation
  • Networking: Network analysis tools (with Kali Linux), VPN setups.

Studies and professional experience

  • 2015 -Now: I am a student in the french National Engineering School of Brest, (ENIB)
  • 2016 -Now: Freelance web developper
  • 2015 -Now, Co-founder and CTO of Wifioo

Personal experiences

  • In 2016, I participated to Google Code Jam
  • In 2015, I participated to the French national programming challenge, Prologin in Bordeaux


  • I am fluent in English and French
  • I have a B1 level in Spanish


la messagere

La Messagère

Was one of my first websites, it was designed for a French writer, Marie Bry, who wanted to sell her own books online. The site offers a credit card payment system which I implemented.

Yves Traboué

Yves Traboué is a French translator, I built a website to help him reaching new clients overseas.

yves traboué



EMC (en mode connecté) is a startup which creates connected devices, such as e-mailboxes: this device warns you when you receive a mail or a package. Built to ease you life, it is a great innovation for disabled or sick persons.


In August 2015, I started working on a project, Wifioo. The goal of this project is to provide internet, for free, to everyone. After a year of development, we launched an open-beta to perform tests on our systems. In a month, we recorded 50Gb of traffic over 9 access points. We have had a lot of positive feedback and keep developing the network to improve it.

Here's a link to the homepage of the project: Wifioomedia.fr

la messagere



A number of new websites are developed on the main idea of Instagram: creating a profile with pictures and descriptions. OpenIG is an open source project I just started working on, to allow developers to create portfolio and profile pages for their users.

Latest readings

Zero to one

To kill a mockingbird

When Breath becomes air

Petit traité de manipulation