Engineering student at ENIB, France.
Freelance web developer, startup co-founder.
Amateur Polaroid photographer.
I am currently looking for an internship next summer !
Take a look at my resume. Thank you.


Computer science

  • Server side development: PHP, MySQL
  • Client side development: Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Web tools: Wordpress, Braintree API, CoinBase API, PayPal API, Stripe
  • Mobile: Swift programming (iOS), Mac programming (objective-C & Swift)
  • System: linux servers setup and maintenance, Apache configuration, HTTPS certificates installation
  • Networking: Network analysis tools (with Kali Linux), VPN setups.
  • Graphic design: PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro
  • Embedded electronics: Arduino and Raspberry Pi

  • Teamwork: Git, Slack, Wiki, Unit Tests

Studies and professional experience

  • 2016 - Now : MOOC (mainly OpenClassroom and Udacity).
  • 2016 -Now: Freelance web developper
  • 2015 -Now: Student in the National Engineering School of Brest, France (ENIB)
  • 2015 - 2016, Co-founder and CTO of Wifioo


  • Dec. 2017 - Now : Volunteer at "Association des petits débrouillards grand ouest" in order to explain science with experiments to children and adults.

Personal experiences

  • In 2016, I participated to Google Code Jam
  • In 2015, I participated to the French national programming challenge, Prologin in Bordeaux


  • I am fluent in English and French
  • I have a B1 level in Spanish


la messagere

La Messagère

Was one of my first websites, it was designed for a French writer, Marie Bry, who wanted to sell her own books online. The site offers a credit card payment system which I implemented.

Yves Traboué

Yves Traboué is a French translator, I built a website to help him reaching new clients overseas.

yves traboué



EMC (en mode connecté) is a startup which creates connected devices, such as e-mailboxes: this device warns you when you receive a mail or a package. Built to ease you life, it is a great innovation for disabled or sick persons.


In August 2015, I started working on a project, Wifioo. The goal of this project is to provide internet, for free, to everyone. After a year of development, we launched an open-beta to perform tests on our systems. In a month, we recorded 50Gb of traffic over 9 access points. We have had a lot of positive feedback and keep developing the network to improve it.

Here's a link to the homepage of the project: Wifioomedia.fr

la messagere



A number of new websites are developed on the main idea of Instagram: creating a profile with pictures and descriptions. OpenIG is an open source project I just started working on, to allow developers to create portfolio and profile pages for their users.


H24 is a company providing phone recharge boxes in order to give the possibility to restaurants, shopping malls and others to let their clients recharge their phones while shopping or enjoying a meal.chargeursh24.fr




Do is an application made in order to manage reminders on iPhone, using a simple and beautiful UI. The application sorts reminders in different categories: Personal, professional, ...


Sessions held with "l'association des petits débrouillards grand ouest"

Pomme de terre, et arduino

Here some pupils from elementary school are trying diferent experiments related to science: on this photograph, we first made an electronic circuit driven by an Arduino and then we studied the conductivity of diferent materials, here we can see than the potato juce can drive the current flow.

Pomme de terre, et arduino

On this second picture, the pupils tried to make their own electric circuit in order to power up a LED with a battery. We are using switches in order to show that in order to work, a circuit must be closed.

Latest readings

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